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Пт Окт 12 15:59:59 MSD 2001

Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

>Двойной форвард, но он стоит того.
>2Sergey Bolshakov: интересно, можно ли ее использовать с BTE?
>2Goldhead: Твои мысли по интеграции с нашим 2.4?
Мощная, судя по описанию, штука.

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>Subject: FWD: Announce: many virtual servers on a single box
>I found this pretty intresting, dont know immediately
>what it may be good for, but it may be usefull in the
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>Subject: Announce: many virtual servers on a single box
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>I have enhanced the kernel to allow several independant virtual servers
>running on the same box (sharing the same kernel as well). I introduced
>2 new system calls (new_s_context and set_ipv4root) allowing
>much independance between the virtual servers. Virtual servers are
>independant enough and "real" enough that you can supply root password
>to the virtual server administrators. Virtual servers may be described
>-May run various network services, binding to the same ports
> without special configuration. Services are started normally (sysv script, whatever
> the distro you are using).
>-Have independant process list, so they can't interfere. You can't see or send
>  signal to process in other vservers (or the root server)
>-I have also modified the capability system a little, so those virtual server
> administrators can't take over the machine. I have introduced a per-process
> capability ceiling, inherited by sub-process. Even setuid program can't grab
> more capabilities..
>-Update packages normally, create users, Use any admin procedure/tool
>Maybe such a project has already been done. Anyway, I have written a lot
>of documentation about it (how it works, pro and con and so on). It works
>on top of 2.4.10 or 2.4.11 (probably anything). I would really like to get
>some comments.
>You can find all the documentation and packages at
>All this is GPL...
>Jacques Gelinas <jack на solucorp.qc.ca>
>vserver: run general purpose virtual servers on one box, full speed!
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