[devel] festlex_OALD-1.4.1-ipl1mdk: wrong license

Sergey Vlasov =?iso-8859-1?q?vsu_=CE=C1_mivlgu=2Emurom=2Eru?=
Вт Ноя 6 16:28:34 MSK 2001


В пакете festlex_OALD-1.4.1-ipl1mdk написано:

License: X11-style

А в самих файлах (festlex_OALD.tar.gz/festival/lib/dicts/oald/COPYING):

This directory contains a British English Lexicon and letter to sound
rules derived from the Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary of Current
English.  OALD is restricted to non-commercial use only therefore we
have restrict this derived lexion to the same restrictions.  Contact
OALD about permission for comemrcial use, although individual files
in this distribution delevloped by CSTR have a more liberal licence.

                Centre for Speech Technology Research
                     University of Edinburgh, UK
                       Copyright (c) 1996,1997
                        All Rights Reserved.

  Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute this software and its
  documentation for research, educational and individual use only, is
  hereby granted without fee, subject to the following conditions:
   1. The code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of
      conditions and the following disclaimer.
   2. Any modifications must be clearly marked as such.
   3. Original authors' names are not deleted.
  This software may not be used for commercial purposes without
  specific prior written permission from the authors.


Что весьма непохоже на X11-style (кстати, в бинарный пакет файл
с лицензией вообще не попал).

Сергей Власов
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