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SuSE одолело -rc3. Ошибки, перечисленные ниже у них уже исправлены (первая
это неправильные симлинки для asm, вторая исправлена в kernel-next + в gcc
от suse). Вартан, как у нас дела с ppc? :)

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Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 16:51:14 -0400
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Subject: [opensuse-kernel] 2.6.27-rc3 update
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Hi all -

After a long battle, I've just updated HEAD to 2.6.27-rc3.

A few comments:

There were significant changes in file permission calls that required a
bit of AppArmor rework. Please report any regressions you see.

Firmware blobs were added to the kernel packages. udev hasn't been
updated to locate them yet, so you may run into problems with devices
requiring the firmware blobs.

ia64, powerpc, and s390 are failing to build the kernel-source package.
I expect this is because those architectures eliminated the use of
include/asm-$arch. The build process creates an empty directory and
links to it, but I suspect that something doesn't like an empty
directory and is leaving it out. I haven't yet tried to place a dummy
file in that directory. It's failing when it tries to link to a
nonexistent target. Can someone with a better knowledge of rpm-fu take a
look at this? The binary packages on those arches are failing with
several unpackaged files

powerpc is failing with an internal compiler error while building ath9k.
I hope to gather a bit more information on that tomorrow.

As usual, the -xen and -rt flavors are disabled until those features can
be re-merged.

Jeff Mahoney
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