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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 13:12:07 -0400
From: Ben Collins <bcollins/ubuntu.com>
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Subject: Daily kernel builds for edgy
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In order to promote more detailed testing of edgy's kernel (2.6.17
based), the automated daily builds have been setup. This is much more
"automated" than my failed attempt with dapper's kernel :)

These kernels will serve several purposes:

1. To enable better results from IBM's ABAT suite (more details on this

2. To enable users to help identify more precise points of regressions
during edgy development.

The second is further enhanced by the versioning used in the daily
builds. The kernels are versioned uniquely using this scheme:


Where ABI is the current ABI (e.g. 2), ID is the concatenation of the
first and last three digits of the GIT SHA that the kernel was built
from (e.g. 891ac3), and FLAVOUR is our normal naming such as 386, 686,

The hope is that if a user suddenly finds something broken, they can go
back through these daily builds, find the two kernels where "one works
and one doesn't" and thus enable the kernel developers to get a better
idea of what changes could have caused the regression.

Now for the URL:


It contains subdirectories in the format of %d-%m-%Y/$arch. If two
consecutive days contain kernels with the same ID, then nothing changed.
If a day is missing, most likely nothing changed. Currently I am only
autobuilding amd64, i386 and powerpc.

No, these are not setup for APT, and never will be. The reason being
that I always want people making an effort to use these kernels, not
get/install/forgot them like they would a normal kernel. You should not
be following these kernels like a development cycle, but instead use
them for specific testing/debug reasons.

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