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Michael Shigorin mike на osdn.org.ua
Вт Ноя 1 09:22:48 MSK 2005

Касательно http://sourceforge.net/projects/mapfs:

MapFS implements a Linux filesystem which utilizes copy-on-write
functionality and existing Linux filesystems to allow component
filesystems (or portions thereof) to be combined into a single
virtual filesystem that appears to be fully writable.  MapFS is
written in C and uses the standard Linux kernel VFS and loadable
module interfaces for defining new filesystem types to the
kernel.  MapFS supports major kernel versions, including 2.4.7 >

With MapFS, a Linux system can provide sharing of read-only file
systems while at the same time providing each client of the
read-only file system the ability to write to its own data store.
Files can be either on a read-only persistent repository file
system, or on a writable persistent overlay file system.  This
enables an "optimistic sharing," where everything on the file
system is assumed to be read-only.  If an attempt is made to
modify a file -- that is, a private copy is needed -- the
performance hit is typically minimal, because most written-to
files are small.  Even in the event of a larger file, the
performance hit is a one-time cost.

На http://lwn.net/Articles/157729/ народ не поленился чуточку
обозреть предметную область.

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