[d-kernel] Порядок отправки пакетов.

Evgeny Sinelnikov sin at altlinux.ru
Mon Sep 20 23:46:00 MSD 2004

Хочу прояснить порядок работы с пакетами относящимися к ядру. Желаю выложить
ядро kernel-image-rt[26]-{up,smp}. Нужно добавить kernel-feat-core-adeos,
kernel-modules-rtai и kernel-image-rt-[26]-{up,smp} в Kernel CVS, а также
kernel-source-rtai в Сизиф. С чего начинать?

%description -n kernel-feat-core-adeos
Adeos nanokernel. Instead of first building the nanokernel and then
building the client OSes, Adeos started from a live and
 known-to-be-functional OS, Linux, and inserted a nanokernel beneath it.
 Starting from Adeos, other client OSes can now be put side-by-side with the
 Linux kernel.

%description -n kernel-modules-rtai
This package contains the RTAI (Real-Time Application Interface)
system and is intended for developers who are building embedded
systems that will run the Linux operating system. In fact, RTAI
is based on the Linux operating system to which it adds real-time
capabilities that are not natively supported since Linux is a
user-oriented operating system.


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