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Following Peter Osterlund's advice, I upgarded the kernel to V. 2.6.7-rc2.
Now I can read *without* any problems CD/DVD created with Roxio's 
DirectCD and Nero's InCD under Windows XP.

Also, unlike with previous kernel versions: There isn't any I/O Error 
when copying Files larger then 15 MB from UDF formated CD/DVD.
So, this seems also to be fixed.

Last but not least: Compiling 2.6.7-rc2 kernel, unlike compiling 2.6.6 
kernel, was really a straight-ahead job.
No problems in compiling the 2.6.7-rc2 kernel, and no problems at all 
when booting it.

I would like to thank Peter Osterlund for his help and advice.


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