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Кто-нить в курсе, послали патчик в LKML?

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Konstantin A. Lepikhov sagte:
> Hi Gerald!
> Friday 30, at 10:32:30 AM you wrote:
>> Christian Haugan Toldnes sagte:
>> >
>> > (Jan 30 2004 12:07) Konstantin A. Lepikhov wrote:
>> >> Hi Christian!
>> >>
>> >> heh, people from ALTLinux Team see the same sympthoms :) And here a
>> patch about (tnx to rider at altlinux dot org):
>> >>
>> >
>> > Thanks :) Will test it asap.
>> On first look this patch seems not to fix the real problem that the
>> proc file system doesn't allow access for other users than root. It
>> seems only to prevent to use syslog if there are errors, or
>> am I wrong?
>> Gerald
> This patch fix the problem, so it's able to run syslogd as unriv user
> and read /proc.

Okay, it seems it was too early in the morning for me, sorry.
Thanks for correction. Are you aware whether this patch has gone to
the LKML?

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