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Aleksey Avdeev solo at solin.spb.ru
Mon Jan 26 17:45:07 MSK 2004


   Послал человеку письмо с драйверами и патчем.

PS: Надеюсь, я верно перевёл исходное письмо.

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Тема: Re: [d-kernel] ixpci linux driver needed
Дата: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 17:40:16 +0300
От: Aleksey Avdeev <solo at solin.spb.ru>
Кому: sanchiz at uji.es
Ссылки: <4014F52F.F5D94526 at inf.uji.es>

Dear Sir.

J. Miguel Sanchiz пишет:
> Dear Sir,
> searching the web I've found a mail in this list interested in the a
> driver for
> icpdas motion control cards.
> I have one of those cards and I would like to use it under linux, but I
> cannot
> download the driver from icpdas web page.
> Does anybody have the driver, and could send it to me ?
> The driver is: ixpio-0.17.1.tar.gz or a newer version.

    I am devising software package (by *.rpm) this driver for

    This file source (ixpio-0.17.1.tar.gz) loaded with

    ixpio-0.17.1-alt-makefile.patch - This my small patch.

    Sorry my english.


    Я разрабатываю пакет с данным драйвером (в *.rpm) для Sisyphus.

    Эти исходники (ixpio-0.17.1.tar.gz) выкачены с

    ixpio-0.17.1-alt-makefile.patch - моу маленький патч.

    Приношу извинения за свой английский.

> Thanks,
> Miguel
> Spain
> mailto: sanchiz at uji.es
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С уважением. Алексей.

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