[d-kernel] Re: 2.6.1

Ed V. Bartosh ed at altlinux.ru
Mon Jan 12 11:45:57 MSK 2004

>>>>> "KAL" == Konstantin A. Lepikhov writes:

 KAL>  А sysfsutils - это задел для новых обвязок?
Можно и так сказать, но вообще-то это вот что:

sysfsutils: System Utilities Based on Sysfs:

These are a set of utilites built upon sysfs, a new virtual filesystem in Linux kernel versions 2.5+ that exposes a system's device tree. The current version of sysfsutils includes the following:

    * libsysfs - The library's purpose is to provide a consistant and stable interface for querying system device information exposed through sysfs.
    * systool - A utility built upon libsysfs that lists devices by bus, class, and topology.
    * lsbus - A small utility for listing sysfs bus information.
    * A number of utilities that demonstrate API usage in the "test" directory of the source tarball.

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Ed V. Bartosh

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