[d-kernel] Swsusp в инкоминг/Сизифус

Alex Yustasov snmon at server.by
Thu Oct 16 19:32:46 MSD 2003

В инкоминг/сизифус отправились 

56f61f95a3471b8ddd21e883faf87e9f  kernel-feat-swsusp-2003.10.16-alt1.src.rpm
6711c984c2c43a27ea12d96a6313384d  suspend-0.16-alt1.src.rpm

Description :
This is the SWSUSP (suspend to disk) patch for Linux kernel.
Enable the possibility to save the state of your system and
quickly restore it.

Description :
Tools for hibernate: install /usr/sbin/hibernate and a configuration
template as /etc/suspend.conf. To help suspension, it is strongly
advisable to use automount for devices like cdrom floppy fat
partitions, so that remount will automatically take place when
needed. For the same purpose autoload of modules in kernel is a
good point.
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