[d-kernel] Fw: speedstep-smi, a start for an howto.

Alexander Bokovoy a.bokovoy at sam-solutions.net
Tue Nov 4 20:07:43 MSK 2003

Специально пересылаю сюда, чтобы остался рецепт запомненным на будущее
(это касается ноутбуков на базе мобильных P-4)

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Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 18:01:43 +0100
From: Ducrot Bruno <ducrot at poupinou.org>
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Subject: speedstep-smi, a start for an howto.

It seems that some BIOS vendor provide false information
from the int15 values, or even worst do not implement
at all the int15 stuff.

Unfortunately, some vendor seems to like to actually
write to the registry instead of the int15, and
therefore breaking other OS (even Windows XP).

Of course, as any real man, you have
completely wipped out bad OS, but then you don't have
anymore that damned registry.  All is lost?  No, of

A quick way to get it is to go to the driver download
page of your vendor, take the speedstep applet, then
unzip it.  There is then good luck that there is a file
for updating the registry.

That file will give you the correct values
to pass to the speedstep-smi driver.

An example: for the toshiba 3000-100, there is a
unzip ssap-s3000-win2k
give a me a ''Intel Speed Step Applet' directory.

ls -R under 'Intel Speed Step Applet' gave me:

Intel Speed Step Applet$ ls -R
disk1  disk2

DATA.TAG      Registry.ini  SETUP.INI     _ISDEL.EXE  _sys1.cab   data1.cab  layout.bin  setup.ins  setup.lid
ISTUnDLL.dll  SETUP.EXE     _INST32I.EX_  _SETUP.DLL  _user1.cab  lang.dat   os.dat      setup.iss


the directory disk1 have a Registry.ini:
cat disk1/Registry.ini 
PollPeriod=0x000007d0ducrot at neptune:~/t/t$ 

The correct parameter to pass are:

modprobe speedstep_smi smi_port=0xb2 smi_cmd=0x82
(smi_port is the Port registry, and smi_cmd is the Command).

Hope that help,
Ducrot Bruno

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