[PATCH] [e2k] education.mk: soft-revert java11 commit

Michael Shigorin mike at altlinux.org
Fri Oct 29 08:19:37 MSK 2021

It was encumbered, it's only java11 part that should be
archdep as e2k-alt-linux lacks that one so far.

See-also: 8f0f5f7d3c6765c97bd7c57819de67cbbfc0d6d6
 conf.d/education.mk | 10 +++++++++-
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/conf.d/education.mk b/conf.d/education.mk
index a79200cdf..50cc60ef9 100644
--- a/conf.d/education.mk
+++ b/conf.d/education.mk
@@ -18,7 +18,11 @@ mixin/education: \
 	@$(call add,THE_BRANDING,menu xfce-settings system-settings)
 	@$(call add,THE_LISTS,slinux/xfce-base)
 	@$(call add,THE_LISTS,education/misc)
-	@$(call add,THE_PACKAGES,java-11-openjdk)
+ifeq (,$(filter-out e2k%,$(ARCH)))
+	@$(call add,THE_PACKAGES,jre)
+	@$(call add,LIVE_PACKAGES,java-11-openjdk)
 	@$(call add,THE_PACKAGES,thunderbird)
 	@$(call add,THE_LISTS,$(call tags,base l10n))
 	@$(call add,BASE_LISTS,workstation/3rdparty)
@@ -39,7 +43,11 @@ ifeq (,$(filter-out i586 x86_64 aarch64,$(ARCH)))
 	@$(call add,LIVE_PACKAGES,mc-full)
 	@$(call add,LIVE_PACKAGES,remmina remmina-plugins)
+ifeq (,$(filter-out e2k%,$(ARCH)))
+	@$(call add,LIVE_PACKAGES,jre)
 	@$(call add,LIVE_PACKAGES,java-11-openjdk)
 	@$(call add,LIVE_PACKAGES,xorg-conf-libinput-touchpad)
 	@$(call add,LIVE_LISTS,$(call tags,base rescue))
 	@$(call add,LIVE_LISTS,$(call tags,base extra))


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