[devel-distro] [PATCH 1/3] ve.mk: refactor those ve/lxc-* dups

Michael Shigorin mike at altlinux.org
Mon Oct 25 12:13:14 MSK 2021

Part of mkimage-profiles' design is to make it easier
to figure out the common parts and describe these as such;
even if something's hastily implemented through copypaste,
it's worth it to have a look (amending the debugged commit
to make it pretty as well, fixing up the newcomers at the
merge time, or at least spotting crap and taking care
afterwards -- the latter having more potential for "free"
merge conflicts, doing this sort of cleanup rather earlier
than later rather pays off albeit premature optimization
can take place here either when too many "layers of
beforehand indirection" are introduced; ve/.lxc-bare
in this very commit is bordering just that, so use your
common sense and experience or ask in devel-distro@
when in doubt).

Fixes: 37e088dac925477ab58c25f27118b5d14ba39214
 conf.d/ve.mk | 13 ++++++-------
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/conf.d/ve.mk b/conf.d/ve.mk
index 0497f9aea..75957af5d 100644
--- a/conf.d/ve.mk
+++ b/conf.d/ve.mk
@@ -51,16 +51,15 @@ ve/systemd-networkd: ve/systemd-bare use/net/networkd
 ve/systemd-etcnet: ve/systemd-bare use/net/etcnet
 	@$(call add,BASE_PACKAGES,glibc-gconv-modules glibc-locales tzdata bash-completion iptables curl)
-ve/lxc-sysvinit-etcnet: ve/sysvinit-etcnet use/net-eth use/lxc-guest
-	@$(call add,BASE_PACKAGES,vim-console)
+ve/.lxc-bare: use/lxc-guest; @:
 	@$(call add,NET_ETH,eth0:dhcp)
-ve/lxc-systemd-networkd: ve/systemd-networkd use/net-eth/networkd use/lxc-guest
+ve/.lxc-base: ve/.lxc-bare
 	@$(call add,BASE_PACKAGES,vim-console)
-	@$(call add,NET_ETH,eth0:dhcp)
-ve/lxc-systemd-etcnet: ve/systemd-etcnet use/net-eth use/lxc-guest
-	@$(call add,BASE_PACKAGES,vim-console)
-	@$(call add,NET_ETH,eth0:dhcp)
+ve/lxc-sysvinit-etcnet: ve/.lxc-base ve/sysvinit-etcnet use/net-eth; @:
+ve/lxc-systemd-etcnet: ve/.lxc-base ve/systemd-etcnet use/net-eth; @:
+ve/lxc-systemd-networkd: ve/.lxc-base \
+	ve/systemd-networkd use/net-eth/networkd; @:

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