[devel-announce] I: git.alt task ls: new options

Dmitry V. Levin ldv at altlinux.org
Sat Nov 13 00:46:20 UTC 2010


В git.alt task ls появились новые ключи:

$ ssh git.alt task ls --help
task ls - list tasks

Usage: task ls [options]

  --repo=LIST   comma-separated list of repositories to display;
  --state=LIST  comma-separated list of task states to display;
  --user=NAME   user name whose tasks to display;
  -h, --help    show this text and exit.

Valid repository names are:
  sisyphus p5 5.1 5.0 4.1 4.0, or ALL.
Default list of repositories is ALL.

Valid task state names are:
  awaiting building committing done failed new pending tested, or ALL.
Default list of task states is:
  for single user: awaiting building committing failed new pending tested;
  for --user=ALL: awaiting building committing pending.

Valid user name is
  any git_* account name with "git_" prefix stripped, or ALL.
Default user name is $USER.

Для совместимости старый ключ --all продолжает распознаваться, однако
теперь он означает --user=ALL.

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