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Hello Антон,

Tuesday, April 26, 2005, 3:08:52 PM, you wrote:

> ????????-?? Miranda IM ??? ???? ????????, ??? ?????? ???
> ?????-?????? ?????????

Отвечаю из зыбата, кстати. И с кодировкой у меня все ОК.

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Question: Is there a Linux/Mac/PocketPC version of Miranda IM?

Answer: There are no plans to port Miranda IM to other platforms. It
is designed specifically to Windows API's, and most code would need to
be rewritten.

Some Linux users have reported success at running Miranda with WINE
and don't forget the great Linux clients out there:

    * Gaim & Kopete, which are modular like Miranda IM.
    * sim, a multi protocol IM which supports Miranda icon sets.
    * Ickle, an ICQ client, to which you can convert your Miranda IM
      profile using the Miranda2Ickle Tool by madfire.
    * CenterICQ, an interactive text based multi-network client.

Miranda IM is released under GPL, so anyone who feels like making a
clone for another platform is welcome to do so ;)

There are long term plans to recode Miranda, and while this will not
target cross platform versions, care is being taken to make it more
portable if someone should choose to take up that project when the
time comes.

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Andrei Popov

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