[Comm-en] New version gpupdate 0.9.12

Maria Fokanova fokanovama at basealt.ru
Thu Jan 19 13:59:40 MSK 2023

Good day!

A new 0.9.12 version of gpupdate package has been released. The facility 
is a part of an alternative solution by BaseALT Ltd to implement an 
Active Directory domain for Linux. The facility supports MS AD or Samba 
DC domain infrastructure. It is a tool which updates Group Policies on 
ALT operating systems. The gpupdate mechanisms apply Group Policies to 
both computers and user accounts on client machines.

Version 0.9.12 extends the scope of Group Policies.

- Support for applying preferences: settings for network shares for the 
- Bug fixed in the operation of the Chromium web browser Group Policies 
application mechanism;
- Search of domain controllers (DC), if in the automatically selected 
domain controller SysVol does not have looking group policies templates 
(disabled by default);
- The ability to generate rules for all polkit actions added; an ADMX 
policy template for each polkit-action;
- The new release of the tool supports applying of Yandex web browser 
Group Policies to a computer;
- Fixed user interface display of Drive Maps policy for user. Support of 
Drive Maps policy for computers:
	- support for drive letter options added;
	- fixed mismatch of drive letters; drive letters are assigned like Windows;
- Mount points for displaying shares replaced:
	- /media/gpupdate/drives.system — for system resources;
	- /media/gpupdate/.drives.system - for hidden system resources;
	- /run/media/USERNAME/drives - for user shares;
	- /run/media/USERNAME/.drives - for hidden user shares.
You can install gpupdate from the p10 stable branch of ALT repositories 
in a regular way.

WBR, Maria Fokanova

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