[Comm-en] Sea Monkey and other

Lyndon generalmooseance at vivaldi.net
Mon Jan 10 21:22:51 MSK 2022


Sea Monkey works great on my mate system workstation. But yes, I hear 
you about some sites requiring a chrome based browser ( this is 
discriminatory I think, restricting you to a certain browser type only 
). For me its only a tiny, tiny minority of sites that work better with 
a chrome based browser but that may change in time. I have always kept a 
chrome based browser on my system for such an occasion. I like ungoogled 
chromium and normally install that on my computer, adding extension 
functionality too, but haven't been able to get it to launch as yet on 
my latest setup so have Yandex browser installed. I don't use anything 
Google if I can possibly help it. Vivaldi is a very good browser and I 
have used it before too. Its not completely open source but almost. 
Won't be using Edge either

I have always used several flatpaks and never had any issues running 
them so it may be related to ALT and my computer. I don't have any snaps 
installed as they can be a potential security issue ( See 
Switchedtolinux review on snaps ).
As yet, I can't find a rpm manuskript file. Do you know if I can run git 
on my system as I could install it that way. I have done that before on 
a debian/ubuntu based system. Manuskript flatpak opens normally but just 
wont import the msk file it uses. No window dialog appears.

Otherwise the computer is running ok. Had a small issue this morning and 
had to reboot but its normally fine.

Happy Computing !

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