[Comm-en] What do you use to mount USB devices in WindowMaker

David davidb at disroot.org
Tue Jan 4 18:01:19 MSK 2022

January 4, 2022 4:37 AM, "Michael Shigorin" <mike at altlinux.org> wrote:

> Used to use subfs and autofs but now mostly just issuing "mount"
> for the last ten years or so -- a shortcut to run xterm is one of
> the first things to arrange on systems "inhabited" by me anyways;
> I've even disabled automounting on a MATE based system I use at
> work for OS development (it's not quite easy to programmatically
> predict that I'm planning to overwrite a DVDRW or USB Flash
> medium right upon its detection but stealing another half
> a minute of my life through "friendly" automounting attempt
> that I'll rollback ASAP anyways).

I think I know exactly how you feel, Michael.  It took me less than an hour to get my mount/umount command line skills back into practice and I'm remembering the benefits of NOT having auto-mount.  I also use XFE as a file manager (always had it on hand on my TDE desktop, too) and it has some handy abilities that I find useful, like script support.  I can write my own scripts that XFE can execute on demand for particular file-types.  

Although I really like TDE, it does make a person "lazy" in some ways. ;)

> PPS: there's an article "on the harm of the friendly interfaces"
> written by Victor Wagner some 20 years ago or so (in Russian);
> some of us might find it thoughtful these days too:
> http://wagner.pp.ru/~vitus/articles/user-friendly.html;
> I found Yandex translation legible enough to relay it:
> https://translate.yandex.ru/translate?url=http://www.wagner.pp.ru/~vitus/articles/user-friendly.html
> lang=ru-en
> (the funny bit being "friendly" term explanation and PATH/30
> glitches; "thingy" would rather be "thingness", "being obsessed
> with things')). Suddenly realized that the article's
> completely "politically incorrect" -- and thoroughly enjoyed
> this particular case :-)

I will check out the article.  Thanks!

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