[Comm-en] What do you use to mount USB devices in WindowMaker

David davidb at disroot.org
Tue Jan 4 07:04:58 MSK 2022

It's been a while since I've used WindowMaker.  From my past experience, in order to use USB storage devices, I had to manually configure /mnt and /etc/fstab settings when using WindowMaker.  Now, I know that I can run other file managers, like Konqueror, in WindowMaker, but auto-mounting cannot function without the KDE (or TDE) media manager handling the auto-mounting.

So, my question to all WindowMaker users here is: do you use anything special to handle USB devices, or do you do your own configurations with /etc/fstab?

If there is a WindowMaker utility that makes it easier to handle USB devices, please share your recommendations with me.


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