[Comm-en] Which kernel parameters have to be used that regular-rescue-latest boots from an ISO image on a USB stick?

Michael Shigorin mike at altlinux.org
Fri Oct 29 22:01:59 MSK 2021

On Fri, Oct 29, 2021 at 08:29:44PM +0200, Richard Gantz online wrote:
> i copied the file regular-rescue-latest-x86_64.iso to the root
> of an 8GB USB stick, formatted with FAT32 file system.

Not that you also might try it vice versa *if* ext4 instead of
fat32 fares well with you there: dd the iso onto the flashdrive,
boot it once with sessions mode (so the rest of the space gets
partitioned and formatted to be used as rw slice), and write
what else you need there.

> Could anyone please help to correct the kernel boot parameters
> the the root filesystem can be found in the ISO-image at the
> end of the bootchain process that the interruption for user
> input is not needed?

The corresponding wiki page is http://altlinux.org/propagator
(in Russian); should be something like:


Feel free to add the hint to http://en.altlinux.org/rescue
discussion page if that helps :-)

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