[Comm-en] Installation Issues

Lyndon generalmooseance at vivaldi.net
Fri Dec 31 01:08:39 MSK 2021

HI there. I recently tried out ALT Linux in a liveusb setting and was
quite impressed. Trying to install it has not been easy though sadly.

One time I did get ALT installed ok but I have this one main issue
which always comes up after install. I cannot use the terminal as I
keep getting the message, " This user is not in the sudoers list. This
incident will be reported.

So far I have not been able to fix this issue and for now, at least, I
have had to install another operating system, Arcolinux, in the

I would like to be able to reinstall sometime ALT Linux but need to be
able to use the terminal. Any ideas on how to fix this ? 

Thanks so much. Otherwise, a great distro !!

Happy New Year to you all.


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