[Comm-en] Simply Linux 9 (was: <scam>)

Michael Shigorin mike at altlinux.org
Sun Apr 19 16:01:59 MSK 2020

On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 12:10:49PM +0000, Fungi4All wrote:
> > > Today you don’t have time to seek for proofs.
> > > Today you all need to Believe.
> > Scammer reported, of course ignore its lame crap.
> How do you know he is a scammer?

Because he *demanded* to turn off conscience, that's not what
those worth believing do, in my practice (e.g., it's a critical
part of maidans and I've witnessed both that happened to Kiev).

And because he subscribed to a bunch of our mailing lists just
to send that spam and unsubscribe (there was another account
caught attempting that either).

> And how can anyone be happy locked up?

Oh, and if I told you I was a lawyer for someone sitting
on millions in legacy desperately seeking to take these
out of somewhere in Africa, would you run to send me
some money "for expenses"? :)

Some people lie and don't realize *they* will pay for it.
We at least should do, I think.  Based on experience.

PS: I just realized we've managed to miss the announce
of Simply Linux 9 for a multitude of platforms last week,
let's make my email at least a tiny bit useful!

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