[Comm-en] RPM in ALT Linux (4.0.4 vs 4.13)

Ivan Zakharyaschev imz at altlinux.org
Sun Sep 4 19:23:52 MSK 2016

On Sun, 4 Sep 2016, Neal Gompa wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 4, 2016 at 7:28 AM, Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz at altlinux.org> wrote:

>>> package in ALT Linux, and I was wondering if you guys had contemplated
>>> upgrading from rpm 4.0.4 to rpm 4.13?
>> glebfm@ and legion@ are busy now with this.
>> https://lists.altlinux.org/pipermail/devel/2016-July/201603.html
>> They could give most details about this process.
>> The first thing to do on this way was to rebase many ALT's features[1] onto
>> rpm(-install)-4.13. (Not yet features relevant for rpm-build.)
>> [1] https://www.altlinux.org/Rpm-4.13

>> As said, there are a few ALT-specific nice, important and non-trivial
>> features in RPM, which would always require maintaining a separate fork

The list (published under the given link on the wiki) is quite long, and 
Gleb has recently done a big job bringing them up-to-date with 4.13 (only 
the rpm-install part, not the rpm-build one):

                            feature                              stage

pdeath_execute.c                                               rpm
rpm --fancypercent                                             rpm
filetriggers                                                   rpm
write installed/removed package buildtime to syslog            rpm
enhanced rebuilding database messages                          rpm
rpm -q --lastchange                                            rpm
rpm -q --changes-since=                                        rpm
the '>'-test (required by changes-since)                       rpm
':nothing' format variant (required by changes-since)          rpm
library set:versions comparison (install part)                 rpm
export RPM_INSTALL_{NAME,ARG1,ARG2} variables to scripts       rpm
tools/rpm{ver,evr}cmp.c                                        rpm
syslog info message for {installed,removed} packages           rpm
_wait_for_lock                                                 rpm

  %homedir                                                      rpm
import language guessing mechanism from glibc/intl             rpm
honor_buildtime                                                rpm
rpm --ignorebuildtime                                          rpm
disabled tsort presentation order                              rpm
alpha segments are always newer than numeric segments in       rpm
use 'chmod -c' and 'chown -c -h'                               rpm
use posix_fadvise(2) to disable readahead                      rpm
do not exclude Requires(pre) dependencies from rpmdb index     rpm
[epoch = (none)] != [epoch = 0]                                rpm
closeall.c                                                     both
/usr/lib/rpm/functions                                         both
filesize.c                                                     rpmbuild
relative.c                                                     rpmbuild
GROUPS                                                         rpmbuild
  %_bindir/gendiff                                              rpmbuild
_configure_{script,target,update_config,...}                   rpmbuild
rpm -C                                                         rpmbuild
  %_allow_root_build                                            rpmbuild
/usr/lib/rpm/.provides.sh                                      rpmbuild
rpmbuild -bE, --nopatch, --nosource                            rpmbuild
  %check_def(), %def_with(), %def_without(), %def_enable        rpmbuild
(), %def_disable(),...
verify_elf                                                     rpmbuild
  %set_{autoconf,automake,libtool,gcc,...}_version              rpmbuild
rpminit                                                        rpmbuild
nice_change                                                    rpmbuild
enhanced RPM_SCRIPTS_DEBUG support, implemented debug levels   rpmbuild
enhanced RPM_SCRIPTS_DEBUG support, implemented debug levels   rpmbuild
/usr/lib/rpm/setcmp                                            rpmbuild
find-debuginfo-files                                           rpmbuild
add "-bt" %check-only option                                   rpmbuild
library set:versions generation (build part)                   rpmbuild
buildhost macro defines package's buildhost tag                rpmbuild
dump_ld_config                                                 rpmbuild

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