[Comm-en] How do you think of ALT Linux?

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Thu Mar 20 11:24:00 MSK 2014

On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 09:44:49AM +0800, Franklin Wang wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. Well, could you tell me which distros
> popular in Russia?

I think Mint+Debian+Ubuntu, CentOS+Fedora, Mageia+*Mandriva+ROSA,
openSUSE, ALT Linux, Gentoo, Slackware more or less describes
what common people tend to use here very roughly in the order
my gut feeling suggests.

> I may begin to learn Russian this year, and have joined
> the Russian list.

Welcome!  I know several more people who chose to (some of them
already know Russian better than I know e.g. French or German);
maybe you find this useful: http://www.russianlessons.net/
(I tend to recommend that site to those interested in learning
Russian at newsanna youtube channel).

There's also at least one guy @altlinux who speaks Chinese
and studies the culture.

Please try to keep the list use to technical matters though :)

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