[Comm-en] No provision to shut down Terminal?

JD Hupp altlinux at prpcompany.com
Fri Aug 3 05:47:26 MSK 2012

Hi, all.

More testing on the 5.0.2 Terminal snapshot from Michael Shigorin's web 
site: altlinux-5.0-20110423-terminal-i586-ru-install-cd.iso at 

It seems that there is no software provison for shutting down a 
terminal.  KDE menu > Log Out > End Current Session returns the terminal 
to the login screen, and there the Menu button > Close Connection merely 
loops back to the login.

The only way to shut down the terminal then is to press the power button.

Perhaps this is by design and does no harm shutting down that way, but 
it would be more comforting to have program controls to do this.  Or 
have the power button configurable by Power Management to do the same.  
(If this is possible, I could not find the setting for it.)

I don't know what common practice is among the range of Linux distros, 
but I confirmed just now that in Lubuntu, the terminal's Shutdown 
control displays a Logout menu with Shutdown/Reboot/Logout/Cancel, and 
Shutdown causes the terminal to do a full shutdown with no return to the 
login.  (There is another distro where Shutdown from that first menu 
returns the terminal to the login, but then clicking Preferences or 
Options offers a Shutdown option.  That too seems annoying and messy -- 
you have to command Shutdown twice.)

Am I missing something?

--John Hupp
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