[Comm-en] Change or edit the boot splash screen?

JD Hupp altlinux at prpcompany.com
Fri Aug 3 02:27:28 MSK 2012

Is there a Terminal version of t6?

On 8/2/2012 6:14 PM, Alex Negulescu wrote:
> Also if he upgrades to t6, he could use plymouth too and grub2. 
> (though for server installs i prefer lilo, no grub/plymouth).
> This can be discussed, both of them have pluses and minuses (grub and 
> lilo)
> For example, in my case (splash message for lilo), you can try testing 
> the message file with:
> gfxboot -ls -a /boot/splash/message (list contents)
> gfxboot --add-files /path/to/new/back.jpg -a /boot/splash/message 
> (change background with your custom back.jpg)
> The commands work like here: http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Gfxboot (sorry 
> for the suse link Mike)
> Also, these are just for testing, if you want to brand your own 
> installs, you should create packages (branding*) and use m-p-d 
> (make-profiles-desktop) to build your own iso's and install images.
> We can help :)
> On 08/03/2012 12:56 AM, Michael Shigorin wrote:
>> On Thu, Aug 02, 2012 at 04:39:55PM -0400, JD Hupp wrote:
>>> The boot splash screen has a Russian title for its logo, and in
>>> the upper right corner displays BETA.  Can I change this?
>> Yes; see branding-*-bootloader and -bootsplash packages
>> (the latter might need initrd regeneration and the former
>> might need LILO reinstall).  The image is /boot/splash/message
>> but the format is pretty custom.
>> gfxboot splash screens are sparsely documented, unfortunately.
>> I'll try to ask folks for the better links in case none of
>> prepackaged images suits you.
>> A brave/dedicated soul can also learn how to package their own
>> ones though ;-)  Some terse Russian docs are here:
>> http://www.altlinux.org/Branding
>> Again, if you're after a custom/reproducible solution I'm willing
>> to help you learn.
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