[Comm-en] GTK* apps slowness (rendering hidden windows/icons in windows)

Alex Negulescu alecs at altlinux.org
Tue Jan 19 22:38:39 UTC 2010


Some of the GTK* apps I use have problems when being brought in front of
other windows.
One of them is Geany.. Suppose I hit the show desktop button to view the
desktop, and after that i hit it once again to rise up apps, the geany
window renders slow, especially it's icons.
If I bring another window to front, and after that bring geany to front,
same thing happens. This happens in any window manager I use (KDE, Xfce,

Any fix , someone ?


Alex Negulescu
Best regards from Romania
PGP Key: 0x4222D8AA @ hkp://keys.gnupg.net

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