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Alex Negulescu a at wdu.ro
Sun May 17 15:18:15 MSD 2009

Well, did you try newer 5.0 or another version of 4.0/sisyphus/, or even 
Master 2.4, older but verry stable ? ( I don't know what hardware you 
have in the powermate but if it's old, there are chances that 2.4 will 
run - for test only)

Images here:

http://enp.itx.ru/linux/alt/4.1/iso/ - smaller xfce only - Mike, are 
there newer iso's of this, or final builds ? Or these are final ?
ftp://ftp.altlinux.org/pub/people/legion/files/iso/ - i use this base 
for my virtual server

I'd try the 5.0 and go back to kde 3.5 or legion's iso's (but it will be 
a minimal system, you'll have to use apt :) )


Niki Kovacs wrote:
> Michael Shigorin a écrit :
>> IIRC without any drives there would be a message while trying
>> to proceed with any choice, be it autoparitioning or custom.
> Just my luck. ALT Linux refuses to install on this machine, a NEC 
> Powermate (PIV 2.4 GHz, two 40 GB disks). Curiously enough, this 
> machine (acting as sandbox) already had working installs of CentOS, 
> Ubuntu and (god forbid) Windows XP.
> Any suggestions ?
> Niki
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