[Comm-en] VICE Commodore emulator

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Tue Mar 17 20:51:43 MSK 2009

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On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 05:24:33PM -0600, Virtual Sky Solutions wrote:
> Just wondering if there's an RPM of the VICE C64 emulator for
> ALT Linux available somewhere.  Can't seem to find it in the
> standard repositories.  Any suggestions?

Well that was somewhat less trivial an exercise than I'd have
expected (never packaged emulators before) but some mix of PLD,
DAG's and Mandriva stuff with enough custom fiddling was thrown
into Sisyphus (unstable branch) incoming a minute ago.  Should
also show up in 5.0/branch sometime after getting to unstable
(I'll send a copy command after initial build lands).

Here are i586/x86_64 repos for 4.1/branch:

rpm http://fly.osdn.org.ua/~mike/repos/vice-M41 i586 hasher

rpm http://fly.osdn.org.ua/~mike/repos/vice-M41 x86_64 hasher

I've tested on i586/x86_64 Sisyphus being deployed on
development systems at hand.

PS: I'd actually be glad to hand the package maintainance to you.
Given that it's already there, should be less of a hassle :)

PPS: still a nice exercise, and quite some nostalgie over 8-bit
times as well...

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