[Comm-en] Sisyphus multi-language

Grigory Batalov bga at altlinux.org
Sun Jul 12 20:50:58 MSD 2009


I have updated Prometeus to support English messages,
see my test farm http://www.spb.altlinux.ru/en/

There are still some bugs, for example in RPM Groups list, but
I'm working on them =)

Those who want to help us in sisyphus.ru translation
should download Prometeus sources:


and compare Russain pages against English ones:

prometeus/web/html/*.shtml  - prometeus/web/html/en/*.shtml
prometeus/web/html/htf/ru/* - prometeus/web/html/htf/en/*

To make other new translation one should copy html/en folder
to html/<lang> and html/htf/en to html/htf/<lang> and
replace English text with his national.

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