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Fernando Martini fmartini at altlinux.org
Mon Aug 10 01:58:06 MSD 2009

Hi mike

yes, i'm developing a new version with full list of mirror (and my new 
mirror) with ajax.

My idea is:

1) User select first the Distro Version (Desktop, Server, Office, etc...)
2) Choose the type of Computer (32, 64, netbook, powerpc, 286, xt, etc..)
3) in next choose the Media (DVD, CD or in a Future the Network 
4) and choose the Mirror
5) and show the Link to "Download"

6) User Happy


> On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 01:41:40AM +0400, Alexey Rusakov wrote:
>> > BTW releases.altlinux.org (or whatever) might be better than
>> > trying to chase down an iso on ftp, too.
>> Actually, it's what we are making now. It just doesn't have a
>> URL that ends with altlinux.org, but it's the least problem.
> I mean something sane for minimal mirrors too.
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