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Alex Negulescu a at wdu.ro
Sun Aug 9 21:59:25 MSD 2009

Alexey Rusakov wrote:
> В Вск, 09/08/2009 в 18:54 +0300, Alex Negulescu пишет:
>> Fernando Martini wrote:
>> Maybe it should be translated completly (including the part after
>> submit), and maybe there should be added all the files, like legion's
>> iso for sisyphus server (there are several with size 130-200mb), enp's
>> iso's (server lite with or without repo). Also there is place for
>> AltLinux Desktop Lite, the one with XFCE.
> It is actually just ALT Linux Lite, without Desktop. But I second this,
> Lite should be included. Concerning distributions made by community
> members - there's a lot of troubles gathering all those from different
> people/ (and wherever else) sites. Besides, they are by no means
> official and may disappear at any time. Maybe it would be good to create
> some infrastructure that would allow for storing and managing community
> distributions. Atm, there's no such infrastructure.
Sorry for the mistake. Regarding the community distros, some of them
could be continued, because they are worth it.
Like server lite or sisyphus lite with/without openvz kernel.
>> My 2 cents.
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