[Comm-en] OpenVZ + ALT Linux Sisyphus (20081222) + WebVZ

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Thu Apr 2 18:25:48 MSD 2009

On Thu, Apr 02, 2009 at 05:20:08PM +0300, Alex Negulescu wrote:
> Yes, that is right, but 2.6.18 does not work, I got a brand new
> board ..  with brand new issues (ICH10).

*sigh* as always with Intel's inside.

> >This *might* help (or maybe not):
> >ftp://ftp.linux.kiev.ua/pub/Linux/ALT/beta/server/20080821-mike
> Server 4.0 is quite stable and good, but i can't install with
> the isos there, the kernel does not see the SATA controller.
> (Neither enp, enp-lite, 20080821-mike or server)

Ah.  But there's another one closer to 5.0 package base:

> I'll try 2.6.26 and If it works I'll post back info, if it does
> not, I'll start the containers after creating. The thing is I
> get oopses only with webvz, if I create by hand.. all works
> well.

Let's rule out potentially kernel-related troubles first,
then look at mgmt tools.

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