[Comm-en] OpenVZ + ALT Linux Sisyphus (20081222) + WebVZ

Alex Negulescu a at wdu.ro
Thu Apr 2 18:03:02 MSD 2009


This is my first message on this group. Congrats and thanks to the 
developers of AltLinux, this is a great job. I've been using AltLinux 
for the last 4 years and it is just great.

Now, my little problem:

I use WebVZ for configuring via web new containers, and no matter what 
precreated template I use, if I select "Start up the container after 
creating it", I always get an "Oops". The sistem hangs apparently, I 
cannot start, stop or destroy any container, I cannot kill the hangded 
PIDs of vzquota (that sets the limits for the new container) and I 
cannot kill the vzctl start <ID> of new container.

If I issue reboot or shutdown -r now nothing happens.
I have to reboot with the RESUIB method (Ctrl+Alt+Sys Rq+RESUIB), and 
push the reset too after. It also works remounting in read only mode and 
"echo 1 > /proc/sys/ kernel/sysrq","echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger".

Any ideea ? Is the problem with WebVZ or with AltLinux kernel or OpenVZ 
? I am using ALT Linux Sisyphus (20081222), kernel 2.6.27-ovz-smp-alt1.1.
If the problem is with WebVZ, what other alternative for a web 
management of OpenVZ do I have, excluding HyperVM/Vtonf ?

p.s. will there appear, in the Sisyphus apt, a alterator-openvz ?
p.p.s. I tried installing the stable version of ALTLinux Server 4.0 and 
altlinux-server-lite-without-repo-i586-20080917, but my board is kind of 
new, having ICH10.. and it won't work in any way, enhanced sata as ide 
nor compatible sata.

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