[Comm-en] ALT lINUX 4.0 Desktop

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Mon Aug 6 15:07:35 MSD 2007

On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 09:54:06AM +0000, Saleem Khan wrote:
> 1:  Why not post the current isos of altlnux 4.0 dekstop as RC1
> , 2 ,3 on  distrowatch.com  for whole world as test for general
> public before final release.

As far as I understand (being a person after those announcements
on distrowatch, freshmeat etc), currently we're rather OK with
testing -- better bugfixing loop would help more than more
bugreports alone.

So I only post release announcements, not RCs.

> 2:  It  will  help  us to clear any further bugs if there
> before final release.

It might be so in the future if/when some sort of release
schedule practice is in place.

> 3:  Exposing  altlinux  4.0  to  general  public for finding
> more bugs before  final  release will be more beneficial than
> what only altlinux developers  or russian users can find as
> bugs and also it will attract more  & more users around the
> globe, currently ALT Linux is really not in general Public
> streamline.

Some feel that's no problem with us: focussing on "the globe"
would be very fuzzy and anyway demanding for English language
resources which we're not very interested in -- that means that
focussing on "ex-USSR" or Russian-speaking audience is much more
sharp right now as a matter of fact.

BTW that might help folks to get motivated to learn Russian in
their preparation of flight to Syberia from globalism hounds. ;-)

> I hope my suggestion would be considered generously.

Thanks Saleem, it's all OK; if you want, you can help me with
announcements (prerequisites: enough time on hands).

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