[Comm-en] System Requiremtnts for ALT Linux

Ariel Lavi laviariel at yahoo.com
Sun May 2 14:05:34 MSD 2004

Hello Everyone.
I use the following computers:
Portable, Digital HiNote VP
Pentium 133MhZ
200MB-1GB free HD space (I can free up some space by deleting MS Office and Windows)
Desk Computer, Digital Kawaii
Pentium Pro 200MhZ
2.3 GB free HD space
I read the system requirements for ALt linux and both of my computers don't seem to fit in. I am looking for only four main function:
1. Internet (E-Mail and text, no special Graphics)
2. Office (Creating, reading and prinitng text documents, it is essential they could be opened by MS-Office users as well)
3. Support for Hebrew file names.
4. Briefcase (Keeping the files on both computers updated easily, without having to remember which files I modified each time).
   I don't mind using a text interface or a very low-level GUI. I also don't want to purchase new computers right now as Microsoft and Intel forces us to do every once in a while.
I want to kow if I can use ALT linux for those purposes which I belueve are very light after all and don't rerquire too much from the computer (It's only text and some file management). if it is possible, please let me know which version of ALt Linux I should download.
Thanks, and GoodBye.

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