[Comm-en] Re: Community-en Digest, Vol 8, Issue 2

Egor Grebnev egor at altlinux.ru
Tue Jan 13 21:08:17 MSK 2004

D&J Bouley wrote:

> Yes, when I bring up Synaptic and search for Gnome, I get a list of four
>files (listed under the "Graphical Desktop/GNOME" package group):
>GConf2, gnome-settings, icons-BlueSphere, and ibGConf2.  Each are listed
>as "Installed Versions" although "gnome-settings" has an Inst. Size of
Oh, these packages are only minor components of GNOME, which are 
included because they are used by the other packages in Compact. For 
example, gnome-settings is used to manage GTK2 themes, even if it is not 
run from within GNOME.

The core GNOME2 libraries and applications are missing there.

>I should be able to manage that.  Can I just simply add the Sisyphus
>"base" repositories to the enabled Synaptic list?  This would be the URI
Well, can you select 'Preferences -> Repositories' in your Synaptic 
menu? And choose the appropriate repositories from there?

Egor Grebnev
ALT Linux Team

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