[Comm-en] Problems with Compact 2.3

Sergey V Turchin zerg at altlinux.org
Mon Apr 5 11:25:36 MSD 2004

В сообщении от 4 Апрель 2004 12:13 D&J Bouley написал(a):


> K-mail will not work properly.  Every time I go to create an
> e-mail, it crashes.
More details please

> I think it has something to do with the 
> Kaddress app. However, I cannot seem to fix the packages or
> upgrade through Synaptic. Trying to install K-Office results in
> Synpatic telling me to fix broken packages first.
You must do this

> I tried, 
> through Synpatic but it doesn't work.
What it say?

> Any idea what the proble 
> could be?

Regards, Sergey, ALT Linux Team, http://www.altlinux.ru
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