[Comm-en] Opera and Sisyphus Question

Chris Mordaunt chris_mordaunt at hotmail.com
Thu May 29 04:04:11 MSD 2003

I installed Alt Junior 2.2 over the weekend and I am very impressed by the 
install (everything working, modem, printers, Nvidia drivers). The look and 
feel Alt have given to KDE is the best I have encountered.  I updated the 
install using synaptic and all seemed to work well.

Question 1: I installed a static version of the latest Opera browser 
downloaded from the Opera site.  However,  Opera fonts and menus look very 
ugly.  Does anyone know how I can give Opera the same look (eg fonts) as the 
rest of the Alt environment?

Question 2:  There are some programs in 
"/pub/Linux/ALTLinux/Sisyphus/SRPMS.contrib" that I would like to install.  
Synaptic doesn't seem to list these files automatically.  How do I make this 


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