[Comm-en] Help downloading.

cornet cornet at altlinux.ru
Thu May 22 12:24:05 MSD 2003

"Jorge A. Cerdio HerrАn" wrote:
> Hi there,
> I live in Argentina. I have recently learn about ALT. I would like to
> try it. I do not have a cd-rw, so my question is if I can download the
> files from the Internet and run the installer from the HD. If so, what
> folders should I download for the Junior 2.2 version of ALT and what
> should I do to run such installer. The docs are in russian, so if
> someone can help me out, I will really appreciate it.

You can download the ftp-version of Junior 2.2 and plase it to
your hard drive.

Write boot-image named hd.img:
to floppy, boot from this floppy, and install.

Vlasenko Oleg.
Technical support department ALT Linux Team.
mailto:cornet at altlinux.ru

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