[Comm-en] Alt Jr2.2 dual boot with Mdk9.1

Chad tama4 at amnet.co.cr
Thu Jul 17 21:59:26 MSD 2003

Michael Shigorin wrote:

>Then you have either 2.4.21-altX with binary bootloader-utils and
>mkinitrd from Sisyphus (they're binary compatible with ALM2.2,
>should work on J2.2 too), or 2.4.20-alt7 -- but then later since
>I've somehow failed to rebuild the package, now taking a second
Ok. Decided to do "baby steps" so I do not mess up too much to quick.
I did the 2.4.20-alt7 kernel install.
Next, I need to get the Nvidia working again. I have GForce4. So, is it 
best to reinstall
the old drivers or get the new ones on your list?

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