[Comm-en] Alt Jr2.2 dual boot with Mdk9.1

Chad tama4 at amnet.co.cr
Mon Jul 14 21:01:16 MSD 2003

ummmmmm.....????? Thanks? I guess I did not know what I was asking for! 
I will do a second install and see what happens with the information you 
provided. I am quite new at this but willing/trying to learn more. I did 
not realize I had asked such a BIG question! Thanks for taking the time 
to write all of that.
Michael Shigorin wrote:

>On Sat, Jul 12, 2003 at 08:14:54PM -0600, Chad wrote:
>>Can you give me a rundown on what I need to do to get and
>>install?  I will give the new package a try.
>OK, so you've asked :-)
>Then you have either 2.4.21-altX with binary bootloader-utils and
>mkinitrd from Sisyphus (they're binary compatible with ALM2.2,
>should work on J2.2 too), or 2.4.20-alt7 -- but then later since
>I've somehow failed to rebuild the package, now taking a second
>...ah, done.
>_Unofficial_ build of fresh NVIDIA driver set and ALSA tools
>(should be mostly compatible with an existing 2.2+updates setup
>-- by "updates" I mean kernel24 security update, too -- see below):
>* NVIDIA 1.0-4363; should enable FX cards and such
>* ALSA 0.9.4; reportedly behaves better with some hardware, esp.
>*  software codecs like via/intel onboard ac97 sound
>This should go with minimal hassle, but "old" alsa2-*, libalsa2-*
>may need to be removed with rpm -e --nodeps (since newer packages
>supercede them but rpm is too low-level to "understand" it).
>Also see the note below regarding NVIDIA_GLX.
>For _testing_ 2.4.21 (Sisyphus URLs; should work with
>Master/Junior 2.2 as of this writing; much more challenging):
>* kernel itself and supplementary packages:
>* ALSA:
>* additional packages likely to be in need:
>Also this checklist (command are to be executed by root):
>* if you feel like OK and don't need/really want to mess with
>  kernels, DON'T -- screwing the system up is surprisingly easy
>  this way;
>* if in slightest doubt -- use the kernel from updates which
>  doesn't get installed by "apt-get upgrade" automatically for
>  obvious reasons, and thus should be installed like this:
>  apt-get install kernel24-up#2.4.20-alt7
>  if feeling brave and going bloody edge -- then Sisyphus
>  may be for you;
>* run this script as root (taken from alsa-driver tarball):
>  ftp://ftp.altlinux.org/pub/people/mike/alsa/testing/snddevices
>  -- it will recreate /dev/snd as permanent directory and not a
>  symlink to deprecated /proc entry (changed in alsa-0.9.2).
>* newer NVIDIA kernel module requires newer GLX package which
>  won't work with older kernel module AFAIR.  So if you need to
>  rollback, have the CD at hand to be able to boot into console
>  mode (passing additiona parameter "3" to the kernel) and:
>  mount /dev/cdrom
>  rpm -Uvh --oldpackage /mnt/cdrom/ALTLinux/RPMS/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0.4191-alt2.i586.rpm
>  eject
>* 2.4.21rel-alt3 specific issues:
>  * kernel package apparently has a gotcha regarding bootloader
>    setup update; could be fixed with 
>    cd /boot
>    ln -sf vmlinuz-2.4.21rel-std-up-alt3 vmlinuz-up
>    ln -sf initrd-2.4.21rel-std-up-alt3.img initrd-up.img
>    lilo	# only if using LILO!
>    or checking the bootloader configuration to contain a proper
>    pair of kernel and initial ramdrive images;
>  * 2.4.21rel-alt3 has OpenWall patch applied which disables
>    wine/winex (and seemingly win4lin) -- fixed with chstk:
>    chstk -e /usr/bin/wine
>    chstk -e /usr/bin/winex
>  * 2.4.21 kernel and kernel module packages should be
>    *installed* (rpm -ivh) not to remove existing kernel; alsa
>    userspace packages don't allow for duplication though and
>    should be upgraded (rpm -Uvh);
>  * software modem and ATI drivers as kernel-modules-*.rpm are
>    there, too, but I've no experience with them -- you may have
>    to get a few more packages if going 2.4.21;
>All packages should be signed, you can do "rpm --checksig" on
>Problems and misunderstanding are better reported here *before*
>you tell it blow up everything so we can try to sort it out
>together ;-)

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