[Comm-en] ALT for scientist

vadim at mail.cytspb.rssi.ru vadim at mail.cytspb.rssi.ru
Thu Feb 20 12:11:46 MSK 2003

> >How about ALT LJ2.4 Science&Engineering edition :) ?
> Are you reary to participate in such kind of project if we start it ?

Depends on my workload in the main work (my Ph.D thesis is to be 
defended in a month). Besides that, I am a real Linux newbie.

My primary personal intent now is to migrate my own software from DOS 
and Win32 (C++Builder) to Linux. This soft does Data acquisition with L-
card ADC/DAC card, and some analysis of it. I want to make that soft 
GPL-led, though I must check it with my chief. 

A Linux newbie,
Vadim Alexeenko, Institute of Cytology RAS

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