[Comm-en] Re: Community-en Digest, Vol 7, Issue 3

djbouley djbouley at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 28 18:39:49 MSK 2003

Thanks, Egor and Michael.  I appreciate the feedback.  It's one reason ALT 
Linux has been my distribution of choice.  Someone always seems to be 
listening and cares about the project.

Egor, the workaround is very helpful.  Although this mouse problem is a rare 
thing to happen (at least to me), knowing about the use of ALT+Shift+NumLock 
will help me help someone else if they experience the same problem.  And 
that's what Linux is all about  ;o)  Thanks.

I'm looking forward to all of the advancements in ALT Linux.  Every effort of 
the development team is noticed and appreciated here.

Happy New Year, everyone!


> Message: 2
> Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 20:48:31 +0300
> From: Egor Grebnev <egor at altlinux.ru>
> Subject: Re: [Comm-en] Control Centre "Bug"
> To: community-en at altlinux.org
> Message-ID: <3FEDC5EF.5030906 at altlinux.ru>
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> David,
> Actually, the question of Control Center (more exactly, the old set of
> configuration utilities inherited from Mandrake) is one of the most
> important for us. We are in process of replacing these legacy utilities
> with a new set of ALT-specific utilities, which are under development
> now. We had a choice of either put development efforts on supporting the
> old configuration tools or on creating our own, better (for us) and more
> prospective ones. We've chosen the latter, and we hope that you will be
> able to see our progress somewhere by the next release.
> Unfortunately, this release will not be Compact :(
> Regarding your problem, I have a suggestion. It is just a workaround,
> and it doesn't fix the essence of the problem, but it should help. Press
> Alt + Shift + NumLock during your X session, and you will be able to
> manipulate the mouse cursor with the numpad keys. You should be able to
> choose the proper configuration option for your mouse this way.
> By the way, mice support is going to be improved heavily very soon as
> well :)
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> -----------------*-
> Egor Grebnev
> ALT Linux Team
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> Message: 3
> Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 19:50:32 +0200
> From: Michael Shigorin <mike at osdn.org.ua>
> Subject: Re: [Comm-en] Control Centre "Bug"
> To: ALT Linux Community <community-en at altlinux.org>
> Message-ID: <20031227175032.GF3430 at osdn.org.ua>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
> On Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 11:35:51AM -0600, djbouley wrote:
> > Has the new release of ALT Compact worked out some of the bugs
> > with the Control Centre functions?
> I doubt. :-(
> > If not, it may be something the development team will want to
> > look at and address.
> Sure.  Every aspect of the installer and configuration tools is
> redone from scratch since only fixing these ones takes way too
> much time, and curing them from being fundamentally broken is
> harder than rewriting.
> It's already in progress, so hope that next major release will be
> based on proper tools.
> You can share (and "log") the thoughts regarding what it should
> be as feature requests (bugs with severity==enhancement) here:
> http://bugzilla.altlinux.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=1.%20Sisyphus
> Thanks and happy New Year and Christmas to all! :-)


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