[Comm-en] few questions

TARIK GANDUR tarik at gandur.tr.tc
Mon Aug 4 14:49:25 MSD 2003

Hi everybody,
I m now downloading junior 2.2. I m impressed by all the reviews out there 
about alt and sure by sisyphus. So I cant wait to try it. My question is: can 
I only download the first cd and make an installation with kde, apt with it 
and the add the software that I want from sisyphus?
Anathor question is about the popularity of the distro. All the reviews that I 
read were saying that Alt was one of the best distros out there. So why it is 
not so popular (Im talking about internation popularity) maybe it lacks a 
well maintained international comunity? It is sad to see that a distribution 
which recieves excelent reviews is not known by many linux users. By the way 
after downloading it I plan to write  a review of it in turkish in 
linuxturkey so maybe I can help a little to the formation of a larger 
international community.
Tarýk Gandur
tarik at gandur.tr.tc

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