[Comm-en] First encounter - problems and questions (longish)

Vahur Lokk vlokk at hot.ee
Wed Apr 30 18:39:51 MSD 2003

On Tuesday 29 April 2003 20:14, Michael Shigorin wrote:

> Could be off-by-one -- ALT begins with 501, Mdk could begin
> with say 500.
Exactly. What a mess it was :(
I guess my KDE troubles come from the same source.

> Removing ~/.tuxracer and re-running the game resulted in
> working environment, and the version of the software didn't
> change.
> Could it be Mdk's ~/.tuxracer/options? (seems yes, hmm... you
> could do a symlink from say /usr/share/games/tuxracer to
> /usr/share tuxracer or vice versa?)
Sounds reasonable. I will try, unless I go for more radical 

More radical solution would be to create different home folders 
and symlink mail and personal data from one to another. But I 
am not sure if I want to repartition everything. Would be lots 
of trouble.

BTW, is it a big sin to send a non cyrillic mail to 
community-list? I can read and mostly write russian but typing 
is just too much pain - just tried it and gave up after 
20minutes/4 strokes of mail ;-)

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