[Comm-en] differences between junior & master

Egor Grebnev egor at altlinux.ru
Tue Apr 15 23:32:25 MSD 2003

Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

>>Another question:
>>Will there ever come an English user manual ?
>>I'm not that good in Russian, you know ;-)
>As far as I'm concerned ;-) it depends on amount of sales outside of
>As far as I know English isn't most spoken language in Belgium. I
>guess you would prefer Dutch or German (or even French) :-)
Well, actually, the amount of sales will grow as soon as we release 
English versions of the distributions :)

That is exactly what we are working on now. However, if there are any 
business propositions on making a special ALT Linux editions for US and 
Western Europe, people at org at altlinux.ru would probably love to hear 
them :)

Egor Grebnev
ALT Linux Team

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