[Comm-en] Resizing NTFS?

djbouley djbouley at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 15 21:29:23 MSD 2003

I recieved a question from someone who's decided to give Junior a try.  He has 
asked me a question, regarding Junior's support of NTFS and I don't have an 
answer for him.  His question is... 

"I know that the mandrake distro is able to resize ntfs files, but does the 
alt 2.2 . What i would like to do is to run multiple os on my system, and 
either use acronis 8.0 or partion magic. The acronis can also resize reiserfs 
as well as ext3, but i'm not sure if partion magic can."

Can anyone give me an answer, which I could pass on to him?


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