[Comm-en] ALJ Review follow-up

djbouley djbouley at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 7 19:18:56 MSD 2003

Thanks for the comments regarding my review of ALT Linux.  I appreciate the 
response and have made a few notations in regards to it.  

I just wanted to spread the word about Junior, since I enjoy using myself.  I 
thought others would benefit from its use, too.

Although the installation was slower, using the old 1x CD-R drive, I had no 
difficulties with it.  Junior installed just fine with the outdated hardware.

I've had one person e-mail me yesterday inquiring about how they could 
purchase a copy of Master.  Since I didn't know where I could find an answer 
for them, I thought I'd ask here.  I'm assuming the person is in North 
America.  Could anyone give me details about this, which I could pass along 
to them?



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